Motorola Droid Turbo Review

Motorola Droid Turbo Review - Despite the fact that the Motorola Droid Turbo's fundamental draw is its battery life, that is stand out part of its story. The greater picture here is the quality you get from a telephone that is decidedly stuck with top of the line specs and some valuable programming comforts.

Like a considerable measure of first class telephones nowadays, it has an eye-watering 1,440p HD presentation and all the specs to inspire. Motorola's incredible programming is continually listening for your charge, and a quick charging 3,900mah battery is what tops off an already good thing. Be that as it may, the Turbo is overwhelming, and its unsettling how rapidly it overheats. The 21-megapixel cam menu likewise takes some getting used to in case you're new to the stock Android controls.

Contrasted and other awesome handsets on Verizon, the telephone (which is restrictive to the bearer) scores high, however there's something about the configuration we simply don't love. Those searching for long-life battery on a "littler" screen discover it here, yet purchasers looking for a more ergonomic handhold ought to look to a telephone like the Moto X.

Motorola Droid Turbo Review

The Droid Turbo begins at $200 on-contract with Verizon, or $25 every month with Verizon Edge. You can purchase it off-contract at its $600 full retail cost.

Motorola Droid Turbo
We've started to anticipate telephones from Motorola that combine a durable configuration with a certain ergonomic energy. The Droid Turbo without a doubt presents another material operating at a profit display that we haven't seen before in a telephone: a firmly woven fabric support made of ballistic nylon. It's great to attempt new things, however this one could have been executed a bit better.

To some it may feel material, yet to us the material felt a bit shabby, and quickly made us aware of the condition of grime on our fingers. How would you clean the dark Turbo; will nibble oil leak into the sewing? In the interim, the telephone's rubber treated sides include contrast, however we discovered the sudden move from materials to delicate touch plastic a bit of shaking.


In the numbers amusement, the Droid Turbo presents to us the most elevated determination picture on a telephone screen yet, with its 5.2-inch AMOLED showcase and 2,560-by-1,440-pixel determination. That works out to a pixel thickness of 565ppi, or pixels every inch.

Motorola Droid Turbo
When its all said and done, everything is as sharp and splendid and magnificent with the presentation as you'd trust for and expect; the main question that remaining parts is if there's much of leverage to the high as can be ppi over different telephones. Past a certain level, the additions of such thickly populated pixels on such a little screen smudge together. You'd need to pursuit super hard to perceive much of a distinction in superfine subtle elements shrouded away in ultra-HD pictures.

OS and Applications 

Android 4.4.4 brings with it the now-standard suite of Google applications and administrations, incorporating Google Search with Google Now. Motorola keeps additional items like signals and additional note-taking instruments to a base, concentrating rather on a couple of special without hands apparatuses.

Motorola Droid Turbo
Our most loved is the voice-control usefulness that gives you a chance to order your telephone to do pretty much anything, actually when the screen is turned off. It works best in the event that you program a more drawn out expression than a short one, say "alright, Droid Turbo,"

Cam and feature

Like other Motorola gadgets including the Google Nexus 6 and Moto X, the Droid Turbo's meagerly cleaned client interface implies the cam controls are kept to a base. Clients who are acclimated to stock Android since its Kitkat cycle will discover the UI well known, however for the individuals who arrive new to the scene, it does require some investment to get used to. Cam instruments are laid out on a wheel and don't seem straightforwardly on the showcase. Rather, clients need to swipe from the right to ring it, obliging an additional step in the event that you need to rapidly flip alternatives like the glimmer. The cam additionally needs photograph altering programming. For those peculiarities, in the same way as channels, pivoting, and presentation alterations, you'll have to go to the Gallery application.

Motorola Droid Turbo
With respect to peculiarities the cam has, you can flick the handset to dispatch the application, and there are alternatives for HDR shooting, 4x computerized zoom, geotagging, and tap center (which additionally controls for presentation). Photograph resolutions for the back cam are either shot at a widescreen 16:9 angle degree (with 15.5 megapixels), or a standard 4:3 proportion with 21 megapixels. With respect to feature, clients have a decision of 1080phd, moderate movement feature shot at 720p, or Ultra HD 4k feature.

Data Speed and battery life 

4g LTE information speeds on Verizon's system were quick, however on occasion conflicting. Generally, the handset indicated download and transfer rates on Ookla's speedtest application at 16.26 and 10.88mbps, separately. Yet there were several times when these rates would dip down to around 4 or 2mbps. Furthermore, it had the capacity download and introduce the 43.70mb amusement Temple Run 2 inside 41 seconds as a rule, however it took more than 2 minutes on one trial. Obviously, information rates rely on upon numerous elements like area and time of day, so clients may have immeasurably diverse encounters.

Motorola Droid Turbo
When all is said in done however, Internet perusing was quick. It took 5 and 7 seconds to load CNET's versatile and desktop locales, individually. The New York Times' portable page completed the process of stacking following 7 seconds and its desktop adaptation stacked in 11. The versatile website for ESPN checked in at 4 seconds, while 7 seconds passed for the full Web page.