Acer Liquid E700 Review: Super Smartphone with 3 SIM Card

Acer Liquid E700 Review: Super Smartphone with 3 SIM Card ~ Smartphone with Dual Sim Card capacity has turned into a typical thing for a smartphone in Indonesia. No sweat of getting Sim Card, numerous individuals have more than one number for ordinary purposes. Hence, Acer as one of the Taiwanese smartphone producer needs to pull in more buyers with Pdas in addition to backing generated three Sim Card space once in it.

E700 Acer Liquid smartphone which is the most recent variation of the Acer Liquid Series can do that. Triple Sim Card fabulousness is additionally matched with qualified fittings abilities making E700 Acer Liquid smartphone into the positions of the upper white collar class.

Acer Liquid E700 Review
Acer Liquid E700 Review
Carrying the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen innovation, the Acer Liquid E700 has a 5-inch screen with HD determination of 1280 x 720 pixels. The screen has a pixel thickness of 294 ppi attain that makes it exceptionally agreeable on the eyes.

Acer Liquid E700 Review

Not surprisingly, our Online get a chance for a week to feel the solace and abilities offered by Acer Liquid E700. Interested by its performance, our Online analyzed inside and out from the fittings side, the design, cam and showcase interface possessed Liquid E700. This is the judgment and knowledge of our Online get for utilizing Acer Liquid E700.


With a 5-inch screen sizes and measurements are not very huge, Acer Liquid E700 incorporates helpful to the extent of a smartphone today. This smartphone has a measurement of 147.3 x 73 x 9.9 mm and weighs around 155 grams, moderately standard and is like different smartphones. Indeed, for a thickness of 9.9 mm does not make E700 Liquid sort of exceptional in light of the fact that numerous other smartphone that offers a more slender design.

Acer Liquid E700 Review
Acer Liquid E700 Review
Fluid E700 comes in two shades, to be specific Titan Black and Burgundy Red. Unexpectedly, our Online testing specifically Liquid Black Titan E700 hued. One thing that makes this smartphone fascinating is the utilization of plastic material like carbon in the back that can be joined splendidly agreeably in the palm of the hand.

our Online is likewise not stressed when holding the smartphone as Liquid E700 can be connected hard and feels good on the fingers when writing or gaming. Not just that, it just so happens the materials utilized as a part of the (back spread) is likewise scratch-safe so progressively feel great when put Liquid E700 into a jeans pocket.

Acer Liquid E700 Review
Acer Liquid E700 Review
Design Acer Liquid E700 and can be said to be just about indistinguishable to the next Acer Liquid Series. Bended screen at the top and base and in addition the arrangement of two speakers (top and base) with the backing of DTS Studio Sound. Indeed, Acer holding the Back catch, Home, and Recent Apps on the lower body.


Acer Liquid E700 has a strong principle cam mounted on the again with a determination of 8 MP which is fit for delivering pictures with a determination of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Headed blaze is set on the left half of the principle cam and underneath there is a catch (Acerrapid) which serves as the screen catch while posturing selfie utilizing the front cam and to run certain applications.

While at the front or around the screen, notwithstanding menyematkam two speakers, Acer additionally put an optional cam with a determination of 2 MP which is likewise upheld by LED blaze. Alluring, help a LED glimmer on the optional cam a little help clients to air-selfie ria in the low light.

At the top, you can discover the Power catch additionally serves as an issue catch and there is likewise a port Audio Jack 3.5 ". On the right side there is a catch right over the Volume and a USB port that can be utilized to charge and exchange information utilizing the USB link to your PC or portable computer. While the left side and base of the Acer Liquid E700 net of catches and ports.

Acer Liquid E700 Review
Acer Liquid E700 Review
In spite of the fact that not be a deficiency, however our Online think that it hard to open the back spread (back spread) of the Acer Liquid E700 on the grounds that the lock is excessively tight. It's great you can first focus the Sim Card to be utilized and stay away from to regularly open the cover.

Acer Liquid E700 brings the idea of the non-removable battery with a limit expansive enough, that is 3500 mah. It is it might be said a sensible considering E700 Acer Liquid has embraced the utilization of three Sim Card too that will oblige more noteworthy push to catch the three signs together.

Notwithstanding the battery, and three spaces Sim Card, Acer additionally put a microsd opening that backings a greatest limit of just 32 GB. Notwithstanding, it is now all that could possibly be needed considering the Acer Liquid E700 is furnished with an interior stockpiling of 16 GB.


- Three Sim Card space
- Optimal battery performance
- Dual LED glimmer for the primary cam and front cam
- Acerrapid to photo selfie or run applications rapidly decision


- There are numerous settings that is possible on the cam capacity. Then again, Acer gives an extensive variety of shooting modes and channels.


Acer Liquid E700 is the first smartphone with the capacity triple Sim Card that our Online test. With the capacity of three Sim Card immediately, obviously, our Online need not try to bring a ton of telecom gadgets. It appears, is one of the reasons why Acer E700 Liquid intrigued to present. Regardless of having three Sim card in it, it is apparent Taiwanese smartphone producer has the capacity conquer the issues that frequently happen, the battery life is genuinely ideal.