Obi Mobile: Ex Apple CEO Make Android Smartphone With Price $ 70

Ex Apple CEO Make Android Smartphone Price $ 70 :Present one more fresh out of the box new smartphone coming into the business, the name Obi Mobile. These sellers headed by previous Apple CEO John Sculley. In spite of the fact that the smartphone business sector is now packed, Sculley said that Obi Mobile comes to focusing on a fragment that is not delivered by Apple. With prices beginning at USD 70 or USD 750 thousand to $ 200 or proportionate to Rp 2.2 million, Obi favors youthful clients in creating nations.

Obi did not deny that when the advanced cell to contend with Xiaomi and Lenovo. Anyway dissimilar to assembling from China, which offer low prices wah details, Sculley Obi cases contrast from the normal design, marking and broad worldwide dispersion system.

Obi Mobile Looks

Obi Mobile
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To substantiate themselves that the Android smartphone made by Obi not quite the same as the design. These merchants to enroll a few graduated class of Apple's design group and designers in Beat Electronics.
"We are extremely centered around purchasers matured 13 to 24 years who may need to have a lovely design of the iphone, however did not have enough cash," he said, as reported by CNBC, Monday (03/11/2014).

Obi Mobile will start to grow in India and the Middle East, and Singapore ahead of schedule one month from now. At that point simply take after the state in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America in mid-2015.