Himax Zoom:Hexa Core Smartphone With a price below USD 2 Million

Himax Zoom:Hexa Core Smartphone With a price below USD 2 Million: Innovation continues to be done by Himax Indonesia. After the success of Himax Polymer real-octa-core processor, Himax now re-released a new type of smartphone that is not less sophisticated. Himax Zoom, Android smartphone brained hexa-core at an affordable price.

As a smartphone powered by the hexa-core processor speed of 1.5 GHz, Himax Zoom is able to demonstrate excellent performance and smooth while executing a wide range of applications and features. Still, saving battery power. Performance was also improved with the support made by MediaTek MT6591 chipset and 8 GB of storage capacity that can be enhanced with an external micro SD up to 32 GB.

Himax Zoom
Another advantage of this smartphone is located on the display side. Himax Zoom is designed with high definition resolution screen (1280 × 720) pixels and is supported by the ARM Mali graphics chip MP4. A variety of multimedia content can be enjoyed with a sharp, clear and smooth. Eyes to the screen is also more flexible because Himax equipped Zoom 5.5 inch wide screen with a thin bezel.

Not inferior to other advanced smartphones that have been circulating in the market, Himax Zoom comes with a resolution of 8 MP main camera and front camera 5 MP. Suitable for users who like to take pictures or documenting various moments they experienced. Coupled with Omni BSI sensor, the camera Himax Zoom can produce images or videos with amazing resolution and sharpness.

Himax not only pay attention to in terms of performance and hardware course in designing Himax Zoom but also pay attention to the convenience of users. To make users worry-free, dual SIM smartphone is designed with Dragontrail Screen is resistant to scratches despite not using anti-scratch protection.

Himax Zoom
This smartphone is also designed with a pretty ideal dimensions so convenient to take anywhere. Weighs only 104 grams with 7.9 mm thinness. Fits in your pocket and in hand. In addition, backed by 2,400 mAh battery that ensures the use of more durable.

One more thing that is interesting Himax Zoom has a user interface design called Amigo OS. Based operating system Android 4.4 Kit Kat is capable of displaying the user interface is simple and easy for users. With the Touch Glove technology, touchscreen display more responsive Zoom Himax even touched while wearing gloves.

Hexa-core Smartphone qualified tech can be obtained online at www.himax.co.id starting today, Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Sales will begin at 11.00 am. To be able to order one unit of Himax Zoom, you are required to obtain an H-Code beforehand.

Himax Zoom
Booking online Himax Zoom can also be done through www.12beli.co.id. Pre-orders on this shopping site has been started since 8 November 2014 and will end tomorrow 12 November 2014. This shopping site offers discounts for subscribers. One unit of Himax Zoom can be obtained simply by spending a budget of Rp 1.899 million, - only. Wait what? To make a reservation now.