Here are some features of Android Lolipop is not owned iOS Lollipop 8

Here are some features of Android Lolipop is not owned iOS Lollipop 8: Android and ios are the two leaders of today's versatile working framework. Google and Apple likewise as of late discharged the most recent form of the portable OS, Android 5.0 and ios Lollipop 8.

Albeit both sides needed to augment the procurement of gimmicks in the OS tergress individually, of blackouts may happen. Reporting from Phone Arena, Friday (10/24/2014), here are 8 Android Lollipop offer that is not claimed by IOS 8.

Here are some features of Android Lolipop is not owned iOS Lollipop 8

1. Visitor Mode 

With this gimmick, Google makes an Android gadget can be utilized by numerous individuals, for instance by the gang. By Guest Mode, the client can bolt certain gimmicks that are not utilized by flighty gatherings.

 While Apple appears to still imagine that the cell phone is an individual gadget, not to be utilized as a part of a posse.

2. Battery Saving 

In Android 5.0, Google shockingly present pengirit characteristic batteries that could include around 90 minutes of the life of the gadget.

Offers earlier known as Project Volta meets expectations by crippling network, lessen execution, and that's just the beginning. Sadly, Apple has not given the comparative peculiarity in ios 8.

3. Brilliant Lock 

Presently Android is the main OS that permits clients to open the gadget with the support of his matching with gadgets, for example, smartwatch, or cell telephones and different tablets.


While open for ios gadgets is presently just ready to utilize swipe, four-digit stick, or utilize an unique mark sensor.

4. USB Mass Storage 

It's been seven years since the first iphone was dispatched, and the telephone was still discovered as a computerized cam when associated with a Windows PC. In the interim, if the Android gadget is joined, will be identified like versatile stockpiling, for example, glimmer and so forth.


Android OS additionally underpins capacity extension utilizing microsd card, a gimmick that up to this point couldn't be found on ios.

5. Application Management 

With respect to applications, the current ios gadget clients right now just ready to introduce, open, or erase. While in Android, clients can uninhibitedly tinkering with different parts of the application on the gadget.


One more, Android clients can set the default application as he wishes, as allowed to pick the default program, email customer, or photograph supervisor. While in ios, clients can not do that sort of thing. For instance, programs, as a matter of course are secured the Safari application.

6. Help NFC 

Really, not simply Android, Windows Phone and even Blackberry additionally backings full utilization of Near Field Communication (NFC) for quite a while.


While the new Apple permit the utilization of NFC in ios 8.1, it was not all peculiarities opened by Apple. NFC in ios 8.1 must be utilized as a supporting gimmick Apple Pay.

7. Applications 

Android clients can introduce applications from anyplace, not focused on Play Store. Gave that clients are mindful that the application is introduced separated from the Play Store could hurt the gadget.


In ios, clients can just introduce applications from Apple's App Store, unless they escape their gadget - which would sear the guarantee.

8. Photography 

Undoubtedly, the nature of the picture delivered by the cam in the iphone is quite often outflank a picture brought with an Android telephone as a rule.


Anyway if talking gimmick, Google made OS gives numerous progressed peculiarities that don't exist in ios. For instance, 4k feature recording, manual setting when shooting reach, likewise shoot in RAW arrangement.