Nokia 108 Specifications and Review

This article talk about Nokia 108 Specifications and Review.  The Nokia 108 is a shoddy as-chips new handphone went for individuals who have never claimed a handphone with a cam in the recent past, and need to change that by owning a handphone with an outrageously dreadful cam. Affirmed today, the 108 has a 0.3-megapixel cam. It's an impeccably respectable plan handphone - on paper in any case - yet you need to ask why they even annoyed with that cam.

Nokia 108 Review


The handphone has consolidated the front gleaming look with back matte completion to give both style and grasp. Like Nokia 208, its a treat handphone with bends precisely the same however the edges of the front are decreased and blends will with the indirect access of the handphone.

Nokia 108 Specifications and Review
The showcase board is non-touch 1.8 LCD board which shows content and pictures plainly yet comprehensibility is not extraordinary regarding splendid light or daylight perusing.

Nokia has figured out how to convey a quality form handphone at a low value which is need off numerous in terms of India and other Asian markets. On tops this is a double SIM handphone . Not one or the other the handphone secondary passage case, nor the front board looks modest from any edge.

Nokia 108 Specifications and Review
In terms of console, its one of the best keypad you will discover in gimmick handphone section or the sort portion. Nokia 108 has individual catches as alphanumeric keypad which are not difficult to press, react rapidly and quick to sort in. Additionally they are firmly stuffed in the front board and won't turn out. Discussing the nature of the keypads, they are made up of elastic, which makes me unsure on to what extent they will last to consistent wear and tear.

Battery Life

The handphone goes on for 3 days in a row when utilized for 2 hours of calls consistently. Remembering the handphone is utilized for calling and does not have any right to gain entrance to
web, it looks great with just 950 mah battery life.

Nokia 108 Specifications and Review


It's a Bluetooth empowered handphone which permits you to exchange documents and contacts starting with one handphone then onto the next handphone utilizing the Nokia's SLAM characteristic. Nokia 108 Review precisely as Bluetooth yet it interfaces with the closest handphone without you physically seeking and blending it.

The handphone does not interface with PC and the best way to exchange pictures, music and features is utilizing the Bluetooth or an outside SD card peruser.

SIM & SD Card 

Nokia 108 is a double SIM handphone which utilizes the consistent SIM card and not the micro-USB. This is truly helpful for a lot of people in India where the majority of the clients convey a the enormous SIM card.

Nokia 108 Specifications and Review
One thing you ought to know is that the handphone does not spare anything in the handphone yet everything on the SD card. Pictures, films, melodies et cetera. It underpins 32 GB of SD card which is all that anyone could need for you to utilize it as your interchange media gadget. You will have the capacity to exchange contacts from SIM to Phone which can hold 500 contacts.

Cam & Torch 

Nokia 108 Specifications has a 0.3 MP cam with the handphone. The cam can zoom taken care of yet don't expect anything. It's there, on the off chance that you might want to catch something and have it as memory.

Nokia 108 Specifications and Review
Like the Nokia 105, there is a light introduced in the handphone which comes convenient when you need to discover something in dull. This is one gimmick which a lot of people in India would adore.

handphone Software

Nokia 108 Review runs a S30 Symbian OS which is really essential. You have call administration, messages, music player, cam, picture viewer, feature player, settings, clock, amusements and other little devices like mini-computer et cetera.

There is no Email, Nokia Store, Whatsapp and different applications. So yup, this is a handphone simply made to use as a handphone and a gift for Dual SIM clients in light of the fact that with no web there is literally nothing to empty your battery.

Nokia 108 Specifications

Device type
Feature phone
4.35 x 1.85 x 0.53 inches (110.4 x 47 x 13.5 mm)
2.47 oz (70 g)

System memory
Storage expansion
microSD, microSDHC up to 32 GB

Physical size
1.8 inches
128 x 160 pixels
Pixel density
114 ppi

0.3 megapixels VGA

Talk time
13.80 hours
Talk time
31.0 days (600 hours)
950 mAh