Nokia 107 Specifications and Review

This article talk about Nokia 107 Specifications and Review. Concerning gimmick telephones, Nokia has a lot of people such telephones and they round out the crevice of value and toughness which is for the most part missed in the peculiarity handphone section. We checked on Nokia 108 few days back and now we have Nokia 107 , which we unboxed just before the celebrations. I had been utilizing this handphone as a second handphone alongside Lumia 1020 and here is my experience:

Nokia 107 Review


Nokia 107 is a peculiarity sort handphone which accompanies all functionalities which a handphone needs. Make a call, SMS, Themes, Notifications and the best part is that it comes in color screen.

Nokia 107 Specifications and Review
Before I truly discuss its design and fabricate, what truly will draw in the clients will be its keypad. It's a solitary layer keypad i.e. no individual catches for keypad like 108 and it nearly matches with Nokia 105 however progressed.

The individuals who are unsure about the strength, there was no tear and wear in the wake of utilizing it for most recent 15 days, dissimilar to Nokia 105 where the console peeled off in 10 days in a row. Additionally the keypad verifies that no dust gets inside the handphone.

Design, Build & Display 

Despite the fact that the design of 107 is precisely same as Nokia 108, the console changes the looks by providing for it an uniform design view which large portions of you folks would adore.

Nokia 107 Specifications and Review
The dark form of 107 is totally matte on all the sides and houses a 1.8 inch LCD Transmissive screen which just means you have a great indoor perusing yet when outside, you ought to utilize it within shade.

The Nokia 107 Review showcase is RGB stripe which makes content, pictures look a ton crisper when contrasted with Nokia 108. Despite the fact that you won't recognize the distinction much until you begin utilizing the telephones together.

Nokia 107 Specifications and Review
In the matter of assemble, Nokia has figured out how to convey a quality handphone at lower price. At the point when contrasted with numerous different telephones, at same price range, from distinctive makers, 107 looks better and is much tough.

Battery Life

The Nokia 107 Specifications figured out how to live for 6 days when I utilized as my second handphone however when utilized for part of calls like 2 to 3 hours a day, it went on for 3 days which is like the battery life of Nokia 108. The handphone houses a 1020 mah battery pack.

Nokia 107 Specifications and Review


Nokia 107 is an exceptional disappointment here on the grounds that its just a bit less expensive contrasted with Nokia 108 and has Bluetooth Missing. Yup, you read that right. There is no real way to impart documents which Nokia 108 does utilizing Bluetooth Slam. So on the off chance that you are searching for document offering peculiarity, Nokia 107 ought not be your decision.

This likewise implies that contacts must be exchanged through SIM to Phone Copy Feature. Since the handphone does help various handphone directory, you may utilize it to classify your exchanges.


Be that as it may, Nokia 107 does help SD card upto 16gb utilizing which you can exchange documents from whatever other handphone or utilizing a SD card peruser. On the off chance that this would not have been there, I am certain huge numbers of you would have dismisses this straight away, exceptionally in India where individuals adoration to have music, features and so on their handphone constantly.

SIM & SD Card 

Nokia 107 Review  is a double SIM handphone which utilized the macro SIM rather than micro SIM utilized within Nokia 208. I cherish this on the grounds that micro-SIM accessibility is really low in India and when individuals switch between gimmick handphone, the majority of them have the greater SIM.

Like I said over the handphone help SD card upto 16gb contrasted with Nokia 108 which backs 32gb. I generally recommend to get your SD card tried on the handphone when you purchase it from the store. I have heard a number of you whining that some SD card never work.

Happy that Nokia left the light even thought bluetooth was brought off alongside the cam. That makes the handphone some more valuable when you begin missing lights around you or need to discover something under your bunk.


The handphone runs S30 which has everything to fullfill the need of any client who simply needs to utilize it as handphone. The home screen presentations signal quality of both the SIM with message warning on upper left and battery life on upper right.

Nokia 107 Specifications and Review
There are two menu catches alongside 4 bearing keypad. Utilizing the two catches you can call to activity menu which is on left of the screen and Go to which is on right. These can be tweaked.

Voice Call Quality

Shockingly Nokia 107 has a fantastic voice quality contrasted with Nokia 108 and I had no issues for quantities of call I had gotten and made utilizing this. This is without a doubt an incredible news for the individuals who were frustrated in our 108 survey.

Music/ Speaker  Quality:

Nokia 107 has an essential music player introduced in the handphone which in a split second grabs music from the SD card. The speakers are right on the back side with a bit of opening where Nokia Logo is put.

You additionally have FM Radio which worked fine and was boisterous and clear. You have controls to expand, diminish volume, change stations and tune it up. You will have the capacity to spare station with a custom name, tune it and erase in the event that you needn't bother with it. There is no real way to record FM Radio how

Nokia 107 Specifications

Device type
Basic phone
4.44 x 1.87 x 0.59 inches (112.9 x 47.5 x 14.9 mm )
2.67 oz (76 g)

System memory
Storage expansion
microSD, microSDHC up to 16 GB

Physical size
1.8 inches
128 x 160 pixels
Pixel density
114 ppi

Talk time
12.70 hours
Stand-by time
24.0 days (576 hours)
1020 mAH

900, 1800 MHz