Nokia Working on Mysterious Android Project

This article talk about Nokia Working on Mysterious Android Project. Although the mobile business unit of Nokia has formally belong to Microsoft, it seems there area unit some groups within the Finnish company is about to re-immerse Android on Nokia devices.

Previously, Satya Nadella - Microsoft\'s new chief operating officer - have stressed they\'ll not continue variants Nokia X and can replace it with the Lumia phones to fill the entry-level section that had been occupied by the Android phone.

But it may are an extended time Nokia failed to accept as true with that call. For as we have a tendency to quote VR-Zone, Saturday (08/01/2014), the opposite Nokia - that isn\'t a part of Microsoft\'s acquisition - known as seeking lots of consultants United Nations agency perceive the intricacies of UNIX operating system and Android.

Mysterious Android Project
It is not clear the explanation Nokia did, but speculation that Nokia needs to possess their own decision garapannya phones supported Android.

Even so, it\'s like Microsoft has been responsive to this arrange for an extended time, as a result of it prohibits the Nokia pembesut Windows uses its own complete on the device garapannya till day, 2015 that\'s, throughout the amount of the Nokia device can continually be equipped with the Microsoft name Devices.