Nokia Employees Worried Because of Microsoft

This article talk about Nokia Employees Worried Because of Microsoft - Hundreds of staff of Nokia\'s mobile division in China staged an illustration at Microsoft on weekday (08/01/2014) then. The demonstration was conducted in an exceedingly place of analysis and development of Nokia in capital of Red China.

As rumored by Reuters on Sunday (08/03/2014), the most goal of the protest is rejected still because the acquisition of major layoffs conducted by Microsoft, the bulk of the workers happened to Nokia.

\"The demonstrators musical their aspirations for 5 hours, till the exhausted voice,\" same one participant United Nations agency declined to allow her identification demo\'s.

July 17, 2014, Microsoft proclaimed large layoffs it. regarding eighteen thousand Microsoft staff can lose their jobs, and of that range, 12.5 thousand of that came from a Nokia phone division, that was noninheritable  by Microsoft many months earlier.

In addition to the demonstrations, the minister of European nation, Antti Rinne, additionally expressed disappointment over the huge layoffs that created ​​Microsoft. that is as a result of from regarding twelve.5 thousand former Nokia staff United Nations agency square measure victims of Microsoft layoffs, 1,100 of whom square measure based mostly in European nation.

\"It may be same that we\'ve got been betrayed. At the time of the deal between Nokia and Microsoft was proclaimed, they same it\'s committed against the Finnish experience., however currently it looks these commitments aren\'t met,\" same Rinne to a Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti rumored by Uber Gizmo, weekday (21 / 7/2014).

It is one in all the steps taken by the chief executive officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, so the corporate will still vie with different technology firms. In early 2014 Microsoft did say that they might create savings of USD 600 million p.a..