Xiaomi Mi4: Best or Worst ?

This article talk about Xiaomi Mi4, Best or Worst ? Xiaomi MI4 has been launched with cheap price and high spec. Carrying the metal casing, the flagship handset will provide fierce resistance assessed on more established vendors, namely Samsung or Apple. Is this true?

Some attend immediately release or opportunity to do hands-on at Xiaomi MI4. Here are their impressions about Xiaomi MI4. So Xiaomi Mi4, Best or Worst it with the tag of USD 322 phones this?

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Looking at the price, MI4 is very promising and Android devices will probably shake up the industry. These devices are not only made ​​from stainless steel for a solid frame, but also supports 4G.

Xiaomi Mi4
It seems, Xiaomi has \'graduated\' from the low-end segment mass and come up with something that looks and high specifications. Android manufactures such as Samsung and HTC should beware.


For products with attractive price, you get all the things that are on the high end phones. But even though we were fascinated with MI4, we also feel that this phone is like a bigger version of the iPhone.

Xiaomi Mi4
Not that it was bad. But first, Xiaomi has said they seek to avoid comparisons with Apple. Although MI4 may not help that effort, he certainly is a handset with the impression Xiaomi most expensive ever made. MI4 should make rivals, including Apple, unrivaled.


Xiaomi Mi4
In terms of design, you will recognize the sides of the metal, which makes MI4 prominent than other Android devices. Surprisingly this phone is also friendly to use with one hand because only a very thin bezel.


Even without comparing to iPhone, Xiaomi MI4 can still feel proud among other flagship smartphones. Does not reach the screen Quad HD resolution like LG G3, but the Galaxy S5 was equally 1080p resolution Full HD.

Xiaomi Mi4
As HTC M8, 5-inch wide screen that can be controlled enough with just one hand. This phone also has the fastest version of Qualcomm\'s Snapdragon chip 801.

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