Apple logo on the iPhone 6 Can Lit?

This artcile talk about Apple logo on the iPhone 6 Can Lit? Rumors concerning the iPhone six heats up. once Apple reportedly able to manufacture tens of innumerable units, currently there\'s news that the emblem on the latest generation iPhone may be lit.

Quoted from PCMag, Tues (07/27/2014), the Apple emblem on the iPhone six can remove darkness from as a notification if there\'s associate degree incoming message. it\'s seen from completely different casing style leaked from the previous generation iPhone.

According to uSwitch the positioning, a part of the iPhone casing six having the fabric of plastics. it\'s potential to form the sunshine might penetrate and illuminate the Apple emblem.

 iPhone 6 logo ?
  \"Part of this plastic appearance quite skinny so lightweight will penetrate to warn the user if there square measure updates or necessary messages,\" wrote uSwitch.

The new generation iPhone is probably going referred to as the iPhone six, reportedly carrying a bigger screen and consists of 2 models. the most recent report says, Apple has asked its producing partners straightaway produces concerning seventy to eighty million units of the iPhone six.