Nexus 5 Doesn’t Run Pure Android.

this article talk about  Nexus 5 Doesn’t Run Pure Android. You’ll hear from several sources that one amongst the most reasons to settle on this French telephone over others is that the proven fact that it runs “stock Android” – that's, it hasn’t been messed concerning with and then isn’t packed with the “Android in drag” extras that ar commonplace on phones created by HTC, Samsung et al.

However, this isn’t strictly true. Despite what you will have detected, the Nexus 5 doesn’t run pure Android.

Nexus 5 Home Interface (source.
Features like homescreen integration of Google currently, and therefore the ability to launch a pursuit by spoken language “Okay, Google”, ar exclusive to the version of Android 4.4 (KitKat) running on the Nexus 5. Google calls these new options the expertise Launcher. (Incidentally, “Okay, Google” works provided that your phone’s language is ready to North American country English, that is ok, since I can’t imagine too several Britons wish to bark at their phone publicly – we’re too reserved for that.)

Some other KitKat options – like the clear navigation and notification bars – ar gift on the  Nexus 5 Doesn’t Run Pure Android. However, the 4.4 updates that ar on the market over the air for older Google devices aren’t gift on the Nexus 5.

This is odd, since the clear bars have appeared in another vendors’ updates. On the opposite hand, the new good Dialer, on the market on the Nexus 4 and therefore the Nexus 5, isn’t gift on devices like the Motorola Moto X (which is effectively a Google phone, since the corporate bought Motorola’s phone division last August).

Nexus 5 Interface (source.
In short, it’s pot luck that KitKat options you’ll get on any explicit phone. though this doesn’t worry American state vastly, I’ve browse that it’s confusing high-street patrons. Frankly, I doubt they care that a lot of – it’s largely North American country techies United Nations agency ar discomposed, and therefore the developers United Nations agency ought to check their apps on the “cleanest” phones.

Nonetheless, it’s attention-grabbing that Google isn’t supply “pure” Andorid on its own-brand phones and so, during a tiny approach, is contributory to Android fragmentation. Once upon a time, shopping for the newest  Nexus 5 Doesn’t Run Pure Android. bonded the buyer the purest Android expertise, however it appears that’s not the case.