Galaxy s5 Vs .50 Caliber Bullets

Not simply performance testing , upmarket phones also are typically tested within the extreme . Not solely slam or submerged , the challenges facing the bullets even be \' torture \' that has to be passed . therefore is also older with the Galaxy S5 .

In testing conducted by a team of examiners RatedRR , this Samsung champ itinerant simply born from a height at the start and directly punctured through the laborious layer of brick . during this take a look at the Galaxy S5 passed with none important issues .

50 Caliber Bullets
Continued testing of each is born into a instrumentation of water content . Clash with very cheap of the instrumentation leading to the battery cowl galaxy S5 slack . so no incoming water and build it die .

The most recent take a look at was the worst . Galaxy S5 should face the fifty caliber bullets that leveled M107A1 variety of weapon . This take a look at conjointly resulted during a laborious blow that concluded with the collapse of the Galaxy S5 .

Not solely were destroyed , most of the premium itinerant components blown to items . Makes it lose a number of its body and incomplete . Here\'s video \' torture \' Galaxy S5 .