Galaxy S5 Exynos vs Snapdragon, Which the Best One?

This article talk about Galaxy S5  Exynos vs Snapdragon, Which the Best One? Galaxy S5 consists of 2 models square measure differentiated from the processor. One wears a quad core processor 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 and another counting on octa -core Exynos processor . Marketed in Dutch East Indies is Exynos models . that is best between these 2 models ?

" Exynos version was supposed to state that there's a replacement 3G affiliation . Snapdragon If the model for the country 's existing LTE , " aforesaid Febri Rusli , the Senior Product Manager.

Galaxy S5  Exynos vs Snapdragon, Which the Best One?
Samsung Galaxy s5 (source. google)
According Legian , is that the ability of the 2 models aren't a lot of totally different . however in keeping with him , the Galaxy S5 taking Exynos processor has its own blessings within the sector of battery life .

" as a result of octa -core Exynos processor technology allows the battery potency . If solely used for light-weight duty solely, merely use the lower core therefore batteries last longer ,  said him

Octa -core Exynos within the Galaxy system S5 , there square measure 2 processors consisting of 1.9 GHz quad -core A15 and A7 octa -core 1.3 GHz . For severe operative as hardcore play the sport , use the A15 . whereas the day to day operations that don't need a superior version of the A7 used .

Made 2 totally different models within the Galaxy S5 isn't new . Previously , the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 that circulated in Dutch East Indies additionally use Exynos processor , whereas the Snapdragon version sold-out in countries that have already got 4G LTE property .