3 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5

This article talk about 3 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5, Carrying the name of Google , Nexus devices ar perpetually allotted by the computer programme large \'s world because the carrier \'s latest golem platform . The fifth series of the Nexus back dimanufakturi by LG additionally contributed similar tasked to bring the golem platform four usually glorious by the name KitKat . mistreatment 800 speed two.2GHz flower processor , the Nexus five is enclosed within the premium category smartphone is definitely able to perform a spread of tasks and functions with swish performance while not pause . With the injection of recent platform , the Nexus five is armed with a spread of settings that may build the performance of this sensible phone is obtaining okay .

3 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5

1 . Camera

Nexus five carry a far better camera than its precursor the Nexus four . The initial version of golem four.4 doesn\'t deliver vital performance cameras . however once rising version four.4.2 , then the camera showed his strength Nexus five begin by holding the newest options . additionally to holding the camera options like pre-existing surface and panorama mode , the camera Nexus five currently presents a spread of settings for the HDR mode + .

3 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5
Google itself provides assurance that taking photos mistreatment HDR + mode can build the images taken throughout the day look brighter . whereas the photographs ar taken in the dark or indoor can look sharpie .

To use this feature , users will merely press the button on the correct of the shutter icon , then choose HDR + within the left menu . Another feature which will readers get is use the degree up and all the way down to have your image taken wherever antecedently users solely have the choice of the shutter button . you\'ll be able to additionally take photos whereas recording video by sound on the screen .

2 . Widget

When 1st mistreatment the Nexus 5 lots of confusion once users wish to access widgets . once the device is placed on the previous menu page , then came back to the platform position as KitKat device on golem cake . To access the device you just hold your finger whereas on the homescreen .

To put the device on the homescreen users merely hold and drag the device to the homescreen panels ar empty . whereas to enter the device in lockscreen position , you\'ll be able to do therefore by going into the settings menu and supply security in boxed checkmark next to \" change widgets \" .

3 . Notifications

in Steps to Optimize Nexus 5, To ensure that users don\'t miss the incoming notification, LG intercalary lights underneath the facet of the screen Nexus five . Lights red , inexperienced and blue that you simply should 1st activate that activate mechanically on every occasion a notification entry . To activate it please head to the show settings and supply a sign on the box next to \" Pulse notification light-weight \" .